Volunteering at Episcopal Homes

Each year, individual and group volunteers share approximately 8,000 hours of service throughout Episcopal Homes in roles like:

  • Organizing and distributing flower arrangements
  • Leading fitness classes
  • Playing piano with and for residents
  • Working in our gift shop
  • Pedaling residents on our Trishaw bike.

Our volunteers help residents practice their faith by:

  • Delivering Eucharist to those with mobility constraints
  • Accompanying residents to service
  • Making mini prayer shawls

Our residents on campus live a more connected, joyful, engaged life because of our volunteers.

Episcopal Homes mandates vaccination for staff and nearly all residents are vaccinated. Volunteers working on our campus and in direct contact with residents are also required to be vaccinated. This practice has helped us manage the virus, so we are able to invite volunteers to our campus to be part of our elders’ lives and contribute to our vibrant community. If you are unvaccinated, we are happy to discuss virtual opportunities with you.

Are you interested in becoming an Episcopal Homes volunteer? Opportunities are available for individuals and groups and our volunteer schedule also accommodates one-time and regularly scheduled volunteer experiences.

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For more information, please contact Stacy Dunn, Volunteer Program Director at 651-288-3688 and Sdunn@episcopalhomes.org.

Family Volunteers: A Loving Legacy

Marianne Kosel has been bringing her joyful, light-hearted spirit to our Garden’s community for more than five years. Even when she is on vacation, traveling the U.S. with her husband in their RV, she remembers us. We are treated to emailed pictures of their exploits. The most recent pictures are of their mascot for this