Grace Hazelton, 99, began personal training with Anthony Munkholm, active living trainer, after her daughter, Anne Nelson-Murphy, suggested it may be a good idea for her to keep up her strength especially during the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

Grace, a retired civil servant from Washington D.C. was fairly new to senior living, when she moved into the Terrace from Virginia in the summer of 2019, to be closer to her daughter, Anne, who also lives there. “There was some adjustment to realizing things weren’t working as well as they used to,” says Anne. “Arthritis, vision, failing hearing and food changes,” she adds. “It took some adapting, but mom is really happy to be here.”

Prior to COVID-19 restrictions, Grace started needing some extra support with her daily routine, prompting some homecare help too. She had two falls and Anne, a retired occupational therapist, knew that some additional activity would not only be good for her physical health, but her mental health as well.

Grace started working with Anthony one time per week and her progress has been inspiring. In a very short time, Grace can walk up to three blocks, her scoliosis has improved and she is able to get up and down out of her bed by herself. Anne notes her quality of life and perspective is better too, stating she is more cheerful and happy as a result.

“Mom has always been physically active,” says Anne. “She’s a hard-working inspiring woman who has always been concerned about her health. Being able to work out with Anthony gives her something to look forward to each week. He understands her, he goes at her pace and they tease each other too.”

Anne says she is so grateful to be together with her mom at Episcopal Homes especially during COVID-19 and notes others including Grace’s homecare nursing assistant, Nirmala have been incredible too. “She is very gentle and has a special intuitive understanding of the needs of the elderly. This is so incredibly important. People like my mom can then be as independent as possible,” says Anne.

“We are so blessed to be at Episcopal Homes. Every person who works here truly radiates a sense of service. The staff here truly cares about people.”