After working at a desk for 28 years for Nestle, Pam Peterson spent time helping an elder family friend. “I had so much fun,” she told us. When her family friend passed, she sought out ways to get involved. “Episcopal welcomed me with open arms.” In 2022, an opportunity became available with Episcopal’s partnership with Senior Planet from AARP. “When this opportunity came available I was excited o learn.”

Senior Planet from AARP technology navigation courses are provided at Episcopal Homes’ throughout our Episcopal Homes campus, and include finance, wellness, fitness, computers, and technology classes for older adults. Pam jumped right in and invested over forty hours into training. She has committed a lot of time and energy into the program. To date, she has taught over five different topics. “I love doing lectures the most. And one of my favorite classes to teach was a Safety Online class.” Pam loves the conversations that happen in the class as well as the feedback.

“Pam cares so much that residents receive the best information that she can provide,” Stacy, Volunteer Director with Episcopal home said. “She is often emailing extra information to include int he class handouts, researching questions asked during class, and following up with students after class who have had questions. Before one class, she individually visited residents to make sure that everyone signed up for a gmail account so that we didn’t have to take class time to do it. We are so thankful for Pam. She is outstanding.”

Pam, you make a difference. Volunteers like you help enrich life and build community among our residents and staff!