Marianne Kosel has been bringing her joyful, light-hearted spirit to our Garden’s community for more than five years. Even when she is on vacation, traveling the U.S. with her husband in their RV, she remembers us. We are treated to emailed pictures of their exploits. The most recent pictures are of their mascot for this trip, a solar Queen Elizabeth who waves at passersby.

Marianne was introduced to Episcopal Homes as the family member of a resident. She brought the deep understanding and knowledge a resident’s family brings to their volunteer experience.  Marianne knows first-hand what a difference it makes to authentically connect and ask residents how they’re really doing. In her words, “It’s amazing how important one moment can be.” After five years with us, Marianne is moving to be closer to family.  She has promised to come back and visit, and when she does, we look forward to hearing her stories about life on 5 acres.

That desire to deeply engage is what motivated Theresa Madaus to request and receive a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council (MRAC) to bring “Do You Feel It Too” dance to our campus. Theresa is also the family member of a former resident, and has a beautiful vision of dance as a way to connect caregivers, residents, and families. We are honored she chose to return to Episcopal Homes to help us strengthen and grow as a community through dance. This willingness to teach us about what is important to families and their loved ones helps us provide for more engagement and connection, and is what makes us grow and do better.

Thank you Theresa and Marianne for your examples of love in action.