Jack and June’s love story began in 1951, and although Jack passed away January 2022, June’s love for Jack still shines bright. “We were married 68 years. People tell me what a great accomplishment that was. It wasn’t an accomplishment, it was a blessing.”

During the Pandemic, Jack lived in The Gardens nursing home and June lived in The Terrace senior apartments. June was so incredibly thankful for being so close. June walked those halls to see him twice a day. Jack wouldn’t eat breakfast without June, and she never missed. “He would hold my hand with both hands. We were each other’s hobby,” June told us. Whenever June would go to see Jack, upon entering the elevator, she would recite a poem that she had written. Her love for poetry still exists today. “Everybody loved Jack. Staff was good to him, and good to everyone. They treated him like he was a person, not a number. I know people who had such a hard time seeing their loved ones during the Pandemic, and I was so thankful to be in the same building. We had each other.” After Jack’s passing, June joined the Grief Support Group where she has developed some wonderful relationships and connections. “I’ve even reached out to others to see if they want to meet more often.”

Time to smile
and do my happy dance
No, it’s not Broadway
It’s a nursing room play
Starring my sweetie and
Day after day
After day, after day

P.S. Until we didn’t

June Nash