Doris and her husband moved into Episcopal Homes’ Cornelia House six years ago. “We chose Episcopal Homes and Cornelia House because of the number of residents already here that we have known for years through church and through friends we have made over the year,” Doris said. Episcopal Homes was also in close proximity to our granddaughters, and Doris was happy to be closer to granny them.

Hannah is the youngest of Doris’ four granddaughters. Hannah joined Episcopal Homes as an Assistant for KinderVillage in Sept 2021. She also began volunteering on-site in other settings. Part of Hannah’s motivation to work at Episcopal Homes is having her grandparents on-site.

Over the past year Hannah has been promoted to Lead Teacher in the KinderVillage preschool and has continued to volunteer. Working at Episcopal has also opened up the opportunity for Hannah to finish practicum requirements for her Public Health Degree through St. Paul College, working with a mentor at Episcopal Homes. Hannah shared, “It’s great to have family here. I think it makes it feel all the more like home for me.”

Doris and Hannah often meet up on-site at Episcopal Homes’ Watters Pub for appetizers or dinner on Wednesdays. Like Hannah, Doris’ background includes childcare and time spent as a nanny. Doris is quick to lend a helping hand in the classroom when Hannah needs it, and having time together in this unique setting has strengthened the opportunity for connection and bond between grandma and her youngest granddaughter – who share many common interests.

Doris and her husband love the community feel and the fact that everyone is involved in what’s going on. Different communities are engaged in events and are always included. “To me, that’s what makes this entity and community different,” Doris said. I have been in many senior housing complexes and I have never seen one that works like this. When you see the staff bring in wheelchairs for a concert, I just think the response is amazing.”

Doris and Hannah, we think it’s a joy to have you as one of the many intergenerational families living and working here at Episcopal Homes, and we hope you share in many more experiences and memories of a lifetime together.