An Interview with Gail Jackson NeighborCare Logistics Manager

When you think of the journey you have been on during NeighborCare’s startup process, what is a story that comes to mind?

I can recall when NeighborCare (NC) lost its first hospice client. We received a huge thank you card from the spouse. In this card, the wife spoke about how big of a difference NC staff made in the life of the deceased and the spouse’s daily life. It was at this point that I knew NC has a great potential for success.

Tell me about some of the challenges? How has your team tackled those challenges?

NeighborCare has faced many challenges in the last two years. The biggest of all being COVID. The NC team is truly amazing, each and every one of them. NC faces each and every challenge the same as a team; thinking outside the box and brainstorming. The cohesiveness between them all are rare. Each staff adds their own special touch but ultimately has the same goal in mind – Help seniors remain in their own home with support from NC.

Tell me about your background?

I started to be a CNA in 1997. I ran because at that time I felt it wasn’t for me. I worked in customer service for over 10 years, loan specialist 3 years, you name it I tried it. In 2019 I found my home at Episcopal and my calling with NeighborCare.

Tell me about the important of NeighborCare from your perspective.

The relationships that are built between our client sand staff are what stand out. NeighborCare thrives on enriching the lives of each individual client while helping to remain in their own homes.

What is important for survival of NeighborCare and for it to grow?

Getting the word out about this amazing program and gaining support from our donors so we can continue to employ a strong, educated and driven staff and continue our work with amazing seniors.