Deb has been a part of the Episcopal Homes’ family for over 35 years. When she first began working with Episcopal Homes at the age of 17, she didn’t think she would find the love and longevity that she has. Deb’s first job was in one of our kitchens. She quickly found a joy in her work that she hadn’t expected. “I was captivated with how lively and funny the residents were,” Deb shares. “I loved hearing their stories and learning about their family members who lived at Episcopal Homes across multiple generations.”

In 2005, Sandra, Deb’s mother, took a position at Iris Park Commons, Episcopal Homes’ assisted living and memory care community. She worked in housekeeping for two years before formally retiring. Shortly after, she moved into Episcopal Homes’ Seabury community where she continues to reside today, 15 years later. “It’s wonderful having my mom here,” Deb shares. “Having her involved in the community makes it pleasurable as a family. Knowing we can come here and celebrate together and that I can pop in during my breaks.”

Sandra loves that her home in Seabury is a nice, secure place. “I feel safe,” she told us. Although she likes to keep to herself, Sandra has made friends and likes to sit outside with them. She enjoys doing crossword puzzles, too. She loves when she gets special treats in the form of visits from her children and grandchildren.

Deb loves that she knows the staff who take care of her mom, Sandra. It is especially comforting that many of the staff knew her mom from when she worked at Episcopal Homes before she became a resident.

“We care for our loved ones,” Deb told us. “We enjoy and love it here. We recommend it to our family and loved ones. Our family members actually live and reside here where we can care and pop in anytime. That means something.”

35 years of dedication to Episcopal Homes speaks volumes. Deb, thank you for bringing such value and care to Episcopal Homes. We also feel blessed to be the place where your mom, Sandra, can call home.