“I think the business of taking care of one’s health is a two-way street. If you want the help that you need, you have to be a partner in that effort. So I work to do that.” This nugget of wisdom is shared by NeighborCare customer, Arvida Steen.

A few years after Arvida moved into Episcopal Homes’ Terrace apartment community, her neuropathy began to escalate and she had two knee replacements. After a series of falls, she knew she needed more help. Arvida turned to Episcopal Homes’ innovative home care service.

“Well, NeighborCare,” says Arvida. “I first have to brag about Vivian,” her NeighborCare caregiver. “She’s just fabulous. She gives me a shower twice a week and she does my wash because I’ve lost my core balance. If I need other help like getting meals and help getting dressed, she provides that.”

Having NeighborCare allows Arvida’s twin daughters, Carla and Cindy, to return to the role of daughter rather than caregiver for their mom. “If I have trouble, I can call on NeighborCare and someone from the team will come. The help comes almost instantaneously or you’re told how long you have to wait. It’s a lot easier to take if you know help us on its way.”

What makes the NeighborCare team special to Arvida? “It’s the people you hire, the people you keep, and how you train them.” Arvida shares, “Despite 60 year’s difference in age, these people treat me with respect. They value me. They are so professional. They put me at ease. They make me feel normal again. They gave me back control.”

“What’s been typical of the people who have taken care of me is their compassion,” Arvida continues. “I think it goes straight through the whole core team.” NeighborCare is exploring the value of teams to improve service and employee satisfaction.

As Arvida shares of the NeighborCare staff, “They like it here. They want to be here. And if we treat them well, they will be here. We help each other. We all grow. We all get better if we understand each other better.”