Special Projects

How and where people age 62 and older want to live as they age continues to change. Episcopal Homes continually seeks new ways to improve housing, care and services to combat isolation, promote health and develop engaging communities where elders of all income levels thrive. The ability to innovate and adapt are the cornerstones of remaining responsive to changing community needs for over 125 years.

The Foundation is Episcopal Homes’ partner in this endeavor. It plays a key role within Episcopal Homes’ leadership by serving as a partner in internal project management and fundraising with community donors, foundations and governments to enable change and innovation. By supporting our Innovation Fund, you support today’s emergent initiatives.


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Innovation in Action

Beyond Hospice

Envisioned and created by a team of Hospice caregivers, Beyond Hospice is now a dignified care division of Episcopal Homes.

Bridging the Digital Divide

Learn how we bridge the digital divide and promote health equity

Transportation for Seniors

Learn how we expand equitable access to transportation for seniors