Inclusion Statement

Episcopal Homes Foundation of Minnesota celebrates the diversity of age, physical ability, religion, culture, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation of the older adults, families, friends and caregivers that brings its mission to life. We create equitable access to resources to build a just society in which all are valued.


To advance diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), the Foundation will:

  • Actively seek to be informed by and about the constituents and communities we serve
  • Provide ongoing training to elevate cultural competency and commitment to DEI
  • Convene and advocate to amplify diverse elder voices and needs
  • Fund equitable access to housing, care, services and programs
  • Advocate for diversity in the philanthropic community
  • Seek a diverse committee and staff to reflect those it serves


Our DEI commitment harkens back to Sister Annette Relf’s founding of Episcopal Homes as a setting where poor, marginalized, vulnerable elders could age well and live well as valued community members.

What does DEI look like today at Episcopal Homes


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